10 Date Ideas Minneapolis: Inspire Your Next Romantic Outing

Discover fresh and exciting date ideas in Minneapolis that promise memorable experiences for every couple.

Explore the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

explore the minneapolis sculpture garden

Discover contemporary art and iconic pieces like the Spoonbridge and Cherry while wandering through green spaces and artistic landscapes. Perfect for a visually inspiring and thought-provoking outing, it’s a creative way to connect.

Take a Romantic Stroll Around Lake of the Isles

take a romantic stroll around lake of the isles

Experience enchanting scenery and quiet corners as you wander with your date around Lake of the Isles. This picturesque locale offers serene views and intimate spots perfect for deep conversations.

Share a Unique Dining Experience At Travail Kitchen

share a unique dining experience at travail kitchen

At Travail Kitchen, the interactive, multi-course meal offers a truly inventive culinary adventure. Each dish is crafted to surprise and engage, perfect for a memorable date night.

Enjoy a Performance At the Guthrie Theater

enjoy a performance at the guthrie theater

Experience an enchanting evening with a world-class theater production at the Guthrie Theater. The modern architecture and stunning river views add an extra touch of romance to your night out.

Kayak Along the Mississippi River

kayak along the mississippi river

Paddling together creates a serene yet adventurous date as you navigate the calm waters of the iconic river. This activity offers a unique perspective of Minneapolis’ skyline and natural beauty.

Visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art

visit the minneapolis institute of art

Immerse yourselves in the vast collections of fine art that span several continents and eras. This museum offers a cultured and visually stimulating environment, perfect for a thoughtful date.

Sip Cocktails At Marvel Bar

sip cocktails at marvel bar

Marvel Bar offers a hidden, speakeasy-style ambiance perfect for intimate conversations. Their innovative cocktail menu provides an excellent conversation starter and a memorable part of your evening.

Attend a Jazz Show At the Dakota Jazz Club

attend a jazz show at the dakota jazz club

Immerse yourselves in the sultry sounds of live jazz in an intimate setting, perfect for a night of close conversation and connection. The Dakota Jazz Club offers a lineup of talented musicians, providing a sophisticated backdrop to your evening together.

Get Cozy With a Coffee Tour and Tasting At Spyhouse Coffee

get cozy with a coffee tour and tasting at spyhouse coffee

Discover the delightful aromas and nuanced flavors of freshly brewed specialties with a guided tour at Spyhouse Coffee. Perfect for couples, this intimate experience offers a peek into the art of coffee making and tasting.

Have a Picnic At Minnehaha Park Followed By a Visit to the Waterfall

have a picnic at minnehaha park followed by a visit to the waterfall

Minnehaha Park offers a serene setting for a relaxing picnic, complete with scenic views and open spaces. Following your meal, stroll down to the majestic Minnehaha Falls for a memorable end to your day.

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