10 Date Night Ideas in Columbia SC: Find Your Perfect Evening

Discover fresh and fun date night ideas in Columbia, SC that promise to sprinkle some extra charm on your romantic outings.

Sunset Paddle On the Congaree River

sunset paddle on the congaree river

Glide across the gentle waters under a breathtaking tapestry of sunset hues, transforming your evening into a tranquil retreat. Perfect for unwinding together, this serene experience offers a picturesque escape right in the heart of Columbia.

Stroll Through Columbia Museum of Art After-hours

Imagine wandering among masterpieces with just you and your date, where the soft buzz of the city fades into the background. This intimate ambiance enhances every whisper and glance, turning the art into a private conversation.

Rooftop Movie Night At The Grand

Transform your evening into a starlit cinema experience atop The Grand. With Columbia’s skyline as your backdrop, it’s an enchanting setting for a memorable movie date.

Couples Cooking Class At Let’s Cook Culinary Studio

Spice up your relationship by joining a couples cooking class at Let’s Cook Culinary Studio, where teamwork meets cuisine. Bond over the creation of a delicious meal, transforming a typical evening into an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Evening Picnic At Finlay Park

Nestled in the heart of Columbia, Finlay Park offers a serene backdrop with its picturesque views, perfect for a tranquil evening. Lay down a blanket, enjoy the soft glow of lanterns, and indulge in a homemade feast as the sun sets, creating a memorable, romantic atmosphere.

Salsa Night At The Vista

Get your groove on with an evening of salsa dancing at The Vista. It’s a lively, rhythmic way to connect while learning some hot new dance moves together.

Explore the Soda City Market By Night

Wander among glowing stalls and twinkling lights as local vendors showcase unique crafts and treats. It’s a vibrant, engaging scene perfect for couples looking for an unconventional and lively evening out.

Historic House Tour and Wine Tasting

Step back in time as you meander through Columbia’s historic homes, each brimming with tales and architectural marvels. Cap off the journey with a sophisticated wine tasting, perfect for unwinding and reflecting on the rich history experienced.

Ghost Walking Tour Through Downtown

Dare to explore Columbia’s eerie past with a ghost walking tour that promises equal parts thrill and historical intrigue. It’s a unique way to bond over shared goosebumps and unforgettable stories.

Jazz Evening At Pearlz Upstairz Lounge

Immerse yourself in smooth melodies at Pearlz Upstairz Lounge, where the live jazz sets the perfect backdrop for an intimate evening. Sip on craft cocktails and enjoy the cozy ambiance perfect for deep conversation and connection.

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