10 Date Night Movies: Ideas for a Perfect Evening

Choosing the right movie can turn a regular evening into a memorable date night; here’s how to pick one that’ll spark both conversation and romance.

**”Midnight in Paris” (2011)** – A Nostalgic Screenwriter Finds Himself Going Back to the 1920s Every Night At Midnight

midnight in paris 2011 a nostalgic screenwriter finds himself going back to the 1920s every night at midnight

“Midnight in Paris” whisks viewers into a richly crafted world of historical Parisian grandeur, making it an enchantingly romantic backdrop for a date night. Its blending of nostalgia and whimsy captivates, sparking sentimental conversations about times and places we dream about.

**”Before Sunrise” (1995)** – Two Strangers Meet On a Train in Europe and Spend One Night Together in Vienna, Talking About Life and Love

“Before Sunrise” captivates with its real-time exploration of a burgeoning relationship, offering an authentic snapshot of youthful optimism and romantic possibility. Its dialogue-driven narrative and the scenic backdrop of Vienna encourage deeper connections, making it a compelling choice for a thoughtful date night.

**”Amélie” (2001)** – A Whimsical Parisian Woman Decides to Change the Lives of Those Around Her for the Better, While Grappling With Her Own Isolation

“Amélie” enchants with its blend of whimsy and heart, offering couples a magical view of love and the small joys of life. Its quirky characters and Parisian backdrop provide the perfect escape into a world where the mundane becomes extraordinary.

**”The Princess Bride” (1987)** – A Fairy Tale Adventure About a Beautiful Young Woman and Her One True Love Who Must Find Her After a Long Separation

This film weaves together romance and adventure, captivating viewers with its enchanting storytelling and memorable characters. Ideal for a date night, it sparks joy and nostalgia, ensuring a delightful viewing experience for both new and returning audiences.

**”Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (2004)** – A Couple Undergoes a Procedure to Have Each Other Erased From Their Memories When Their Relationship Turns Sour

This film offers a deep dive into the complexities of relationships and the pain of loss, wrapped in a unique sci-fi premise. It challenges viewers to think about what really makes us happy in love and whether some memories are best forgotten.

**”La La Land” (2016)** – A Jazz Musician and an Aspiring Actress Fall in Love While Pursuing Their Dreams of Stardom in Los Angeles

“La La Land” captures the bittersweet nature of following one’s dreams, wrapped in a visually stunning love story. The vibrant backdrop of Los Angeles enhances the romance as the characters chase their artistic aspirations.

**”About Time” (2013)** – A Young Man With the Ability to Time Travel Discovers That Finding True Love Isn’t As Easy As He Thought It Would Be

This romantic comedy delves into the complexities of love and life’s unpredictable nature, even when you have the power to redo moments. It skillfully blends humor with heartfelt emotions, making it an ideal watch for those seeking both laughter and deeper connections on date night.

**”Moonrise Kingdom” (2012)** – Two Twelve-year-olds Fall in Love, Make a Secret Pact, and Run Away Together Into the Wilderness

“Moonrise Kingdom” provides a quirky and captivating escape into the whimsical. It invites couples to explore themes of young love and adventure, making it a refreshing choice for date night.

**”The Notebook” (2004)** – A Young Couple Fall in Love During the Early Years of World War II. Their Story Is Narrated From the Present Day By an Elderly Man

It explores the roots of a lifelong romance, making it perfect for couples who appreciate stories of enduring love and sacrifice. The dual timeline narrative enhances the emotional depth, resonating with those who enjoy seeing the lasting impact of true love.

**”The Grand Budapest Hotel” (2014)** – The Adventures of Gustave H, a Legendary Concierge At a Famous European Hotel Between the Wars, and Zero Moustafa, the Lobby Boy Who Becomes His Most Trusted Friend

This whimsical tale of loyalty and friendship set in an interwar European hotel is a visual feast. Gustave’s and Zero’s escapades provide both humor and depth, making it an enchanting choice for a date night movie.

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