10 Best Long Beach Date Ideas

Plan your perfect date in Long Beach with unique ideas that offer fun, adventure, and romance.

Sick and tired of the same old dinner-and-movie date night? Ready to make waves with some unique Long Beach date ideas?

I’m on a mission to sprinkle fresh vibes into your romantic adventures. Hang tight and get ready to discover some truly one-of-a-kind date spots that will turn “meh” moments into memories!

Sunset Gondola Ride in Naples Island Canals

sunset gondola ride in naples island canals

Experience a romantic gondola ride through the charming canals of Naples Island for a unique and intimate date idea. Glide along the water, taking in the beautiful sights and creating unforgettable memories together.

Picnic At ShoreLine Aquatic Park

picnic at shoreline aquatic park

Located at ShoreLine Aquatic Park, a picnic sets a romantic ambiance with stunning views of the waterfront and the Queen Mary, making it a perfect spot for a cozy date outdoors. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon together surrounded by nature and tranquility, creating a memorable and intimate experience for you and your partner.

Bike Ride Along the Beach Path

bike ride along the beach path

Cruising along the beach path on bikes is a great way to enjoy the scenic views while feeling the ocean breeze. It’s a fun and active date idea, perfect for exploring Long Beach together.

Aquarium of the Pacific Visit

aquarium of the pacific visit

Experience marine life up close and personal with a visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific, offering an educational and entertaining date option in Long Beach. Interact with diverse ocean creatures and learn about marine conservation efforts during your time at the aquarium.

Paddleboarding in Alamitos Bay

paddleboarding in alamitos bay

Paddleboarding in Alamitos Bay offers a fun and active date idea. It allows you to enjoy the beautiful bay views while getting a good workout together.

Wine Tasting At District Wine

wine tasting at district wine

Indulge in a sophisticated and relaxed wine tasting experience at District Wine. Explore a variety of wines and expand your palate in a charming Long Beach setting.

Stargazing At the CSULB Observatory

stargazing at the csulb observatory

Experience a unique and romantic evening witnessing the beauty of the night sky at the CSULB Observatory. Discover constellations and deepen your connection under the stars.

Rent a Duffy Boat for a Harbor Cruise

rent a duffy boat for a harbor cruise

Float on the harbor’s waters in style and luxury. Enjoy a unique and romantic experience aboard a Duffy boat.

Explore the Art Galleries in the East Village Arts District

explore the art galleries in the east village arts district

Experience a date filled with creativity and inspiration by exploring the art galleries in the vibrant East Village Arts District. Admire unique works of art and engage in thought-provoking conversations in this eclectic cultural hub.

Catch a Show At the Long Beach Performing Arts Center

catch a show at the long beach performing arts center

Take your date to the Long Beach Performing Arts Center for an entertaining night out. Enjoy a variety of performances in a vibrant and lively setting.

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