10 Long Distance Date Ideas to Keep Your Connection Strong

Discover fresh and creative long-distance date ideas that can help you keep the spark alive, no matter the miles separating you.

Virtual Cooking Competition Using the Same Ingredients

virtual cooking competition using the same ingredients

Each partner picks identical sets of ingredients and simultaneously whips up their best dish over a video call. It’s a fun, interactive way to connect and share a meal, despite the miles.

Scheduled Book Reading and Discussion

scheduled book reading and discussion

Choose a book, both of you find intriguing, and set a pace for reading it separately. Then, connect via video or phone to share thoughts and interpretations, deepening your emotional connection through literary exploration.

Watch a Documentary or Movie Simultaneously and Discuss

watch a documentary or movie simultaneously and discuss

Choosing a documentary or movie allows both of you to delve into new topics or shared interests. Discussing it afterwards can spark meaningful conversations, helping you connect on a deeper level.

Play an Online Game Together

play an online game together

Engaging in a multiplayer online game enhances connection and introduces a fun, competitive element to the relationship. It enables both playfulness and teamwork, mirroring typical in-person date activities while being apart.

Create a Playlist Exchange and Discuss Your Favorite Songs

create a playlist exchange and discuss your favorite songs

Exchange playlists with your partner, each featuring your favorite tracks. This sparks engaging conversations about music preferences and memories linked to those songs.

Virtual Museum Tours

virtual museum tours

Exploring a museum virtually lets couples dive into cultural experiences from different corners of the world. It’s a wonderful way to share thoughts on art, history, and science, building a deeper connection.

Online Language Learning or Skill-building Class Together

online language learning or skill building class together

Embark on a journey of intellectual growth by tackling a new language or skill with your partner. This shared educational pursuit not only enriches each of you but also strengthens your connection by working towards a common goal.

Star Gazing Via a Live Telescope Feed

star gazing via a live telescope feed

Explore the cosmos together despite the miles between you. Watch a live telescope feed and marvel at the mysteries of the universe as if lying side by side under the same starry sky.

Plan a Future Trip in Detail Together

plan a future trip in detail together

Planning a future getaway fuels not just excitement but also closeness, as you discuss destinations and activities. It allows couples to share dreams and preferences, setting a foundation for shared experiences and anticipations.

Virtual Reality Experience Session

virtual reality experience session

A virtual reality experience session lets couples immerse themselves in a digital world together despite the physical distance. It offers a unique way to create shared memories by exploring virtual landscapes or engaging in interactive activities.

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