10 Milwaukee Date Ideas for Memorable Outings

Discover unique and exciting date ideas that will make your time in Milwaukee unforgettable.

Explore the Milwaukee Art Museum and Have Lunch At Its Café

explore the milwaukee art museum and have lunch at its cafe

Delight in the sweeping collection of art spanning from antiquity to contemporary at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Later, unpack the day’s discoveries over a delicious lunch in the museum’s scenic café, enhancing both your cultural and culinary experience.

Take a Brewery Tour Followed By Beer Tasting

take a brewery tour followed by beer tasting

Discover Milwaukee’s rich brewing heritage by visiting iconic breweries where you can see the beer-making process firsthand. Afterwards, cap off your experience with a guided tasting session that showcases a variety of unique local brews.

Attend a Concert or Show At the Pabst Theater

attend a concert or show at the pabst theater

Immerse yourself in the elegant ambiance and rich history of the iconic Pabst Theater. It’s a great venue for experiencing live performances that offer a unique and intimate night out.

Stroll Along the Milwaukee Riverwalk With Stops for Coffee and Treats

stroll along the milwaukee riverwalk with stops for coffee and treats

Wandering the Milwaukee Riverwalk offers a chance to explore the city’s vibrant atmosphere while enjoying intimate stops for specialty coffee and local snacks. It’s a picturesque setting perfect for creating connections and enjoying relaxed conversations.

Visit the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory (The Domes)

visit the mitchell park horticultural conservatory the domes

Step inside The Domes for a unique date experience, exploring three distinct climate zones — tropical, arid, and seasonal. Each dome offers a mesmerizing array of plants and themed floral shows that provide a picturesque backdrop for any date.

Enjoy a Romantic Dinner Cruise On Lake Michigan

enjoy a romantic dinner cruise on lake michigan

Sail under the stars while indulging in a gourmet meal aboard a Lake Michigan dinner cruise. This experience not only offers breathtaking views of Milwaukee’s skyline but also creates a perfect setting for a memorable evening.

Watch a Movie At the Oriental Theatre

watch a movie at the oriental theatre

Step into the magically ornate Oriental Theatre for a film experience steeped in history. The venue’s unique architecture and vibrant interior decoration make even the simplest movie night feel exceptionally enchanting.

Picnic and Kite Flying At Veterans Park

picnic and kite flying at veterans park

Veterans Park offers a picturesque setting, ideal for a relaxing afternoon picnic. With ample space, it’s also perfect for kite flying, adding a playful twist to your date.

Hunt for Treasures At the Milwaukee Public Market

hunt for treasures at the milwaukee public market

Discover unique local goods and artisan products at the vibrant Milwaukee Public Market. It’s a perfect spot for couples looking to add a little adventure and spontaneity to their shopping experience.

Go Ice Skating At Red Arrow Park in Winter

go ice skating at red arrow park in winter

Red Arrow Park transforms into a winter wonderland, offering couples a charming ice-skating experience beneath twinkling lights. The cozy, adjacent cafe provides a warm retreat to enjoy hot chocolate and close conversations afterwards.

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