10 Things to Do in St Louis for Couples: Top Romantic Ideas

Discover unique and romantic activities for couples in St. Louis that promise a memorable experience.

Explore the Missouri Botanical Garden

explore the missouri botanical garden

Wander hand-in-hand among vibrant blooms and serene water features. This lush oasis offers a picturesque setting ideal for deepening connections and creating memorable moments.

Take a Romantic Stroll Through Forest Park

Forest Park, a verdant oasis larger than New York’s Central Park, offers myriad scenic paths ideal for leisurely walks. Couples can revel in the serene beauty of nature while exploring the park’s picturesque lakes, woodlands, and cultural landmarks.

Visit the City Museum for an Eclectic Adventure

At the City Museum, couples can dive into a world where playgrounds meet surreal art installations. It’s an ideal date spot for those seeking a blend of whimsy and unexpected discoveries.

Enjoy a Sunset Cruise On the Mississippi River

Glide along the tranquil waters as the sun dips below the skyline, creating a picturesque setting for romance. This tranquil voyage offers an escape into the gentle ebb of the river’s current, perfect for a serene evening out.

Sip Local Wines At Nearby Vineyards in Augusta

Augusta, a short drive from St. Louis, offers a serene escape with its scenic vineyards. Couples can savor Missouri wines, which boast unique flavors influenced by the local terroir.

Bask in Panoramic Views At the Gateway Arch

Ascend 630 feet to the top of this iconic monument, where the expansive views of the city and river set a breathtaking backdrop. Perfect for a memorable couple’s photo, this spot is a testament to shared awe and inspiration.

Watch a Live Performance At the Fabulous Fox Theatre

Enjoy the grandeur and historical ambiance as you take in a Broadway show or concert. This opulent setting turns any night out into a special occasion, perfect for creating lasting memories with your significant other.

Indulge in a Gourmet Dinner in the Central West End

The Central West End is renowned for its upscale dining scene, offering an array of sophisticated culinary delights. Couples can savor a variety of dishes in a romantic ambiance, perfect for a memorable evening out.

Unwind With a Couple’s Spa Day At the Chase Park Plaza

Rejuvenate together with a soothing day at the spa, where tranquility meets luxury. Opt for couple’s treatments to amplify relaxation and connection.

Capture Moments Together On a Photo Tour of Soulard

Soulard’s vibrant architecture and bustling markets offer a picturesque backdrop for couples seeking to capture special moments. A guided photo tour can lead you to the most photogenic spots, ensuring you return with memories beautifully framed.

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