10 Things to Do in Tulsa for Couples: Top Romantic Ideas

Discover unique and memorable activities for couples in Tulsa tailored to make your time together special.

Stroll Through the Tulsa Botanic Garden

stroll through the tulsa botanic garden

Wander hand-in-hand amidst vibrant blooms and tranquil ponds. This lush escape offers a serene backdrop perfect for deepening connections.

Explore the Tulsa Art Deco Museum

Delve into Tulsa’s architectural beauty with a visit to its Art Deco Museum. This immersive experience showcases the city’s iconic design era, adding a touch of elegance to your romantic outing.

Enjoy a Picnic At Gathering Place

Gathering Place offers expansive lawns and picturesque spots perfect for a romantic outdoor meal. Here, couples can unwind and enjoy the serene surroundings while sharing a specially prepared picnic basket.

Take a Sunset Paddle On the Arkansas River

Glide across the calm waters of the Arkansas River as the sky transitions through a palette of sunset hues. This serene activity provides a perfect backdrop for intimate conversations and shared quiet moments.

Attend a Live Show At the Tulsa Performing Arts Center

Experience the thrill of a live performance—be it a ballet, opera, or Broadway show—at the renowned Tulsa Performing Arts Center. Each event offers a perfect evening of culture and entertainment for couples looking to dress up and enjoy a memorable night out.

Sip Local Wines At a Tulsa Vineyard

Tulsa’s vineyards offer an intimate setting for couples to explore regional flavors and relax in picturesque surroundings. Tasting sessions often come with tours, adding an educational twist to a romantic afternoon.

Experience a Cooking Class Together

Taking a cooking class together can spice up your relationship by adding an element of fun and teamwork. It’s a perfect opportunity to learn new recipes and skills while creating memorable meals together.

Discover Art At the Philbrook Museum

At the Philbrook Museum, couples can immerse themselves in a serene atmosphere surrounded by diverse artwork and picturesque gardens. This cultural outing not only sparks creativity but also encourages intimate conversations in a stunning setting.

Relax in a Couple’s Spa Day

Escape the bustling city life with a tranquil spa day tailored for two. Embrace relaxation through therapeutic massages, soothing facials, and private hot tub sessions, fostering a deeper connection.

Venture On a Haunted Tulsa Tour At Night

Experience a thrilling evening as you explore Tulsa’s ghostly past together. This unique night-time adventure adds a dash of mystery and excitement to your date night.

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