10 Indianapolis Date Ideas for a Memorable Outing

Discover fresh and creative date ideas in Indianapolis that will make your next outing unforgettable.

Visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art Followed By a Picnic At the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park

visit the indianapolis museum of art followed by a picnic at the virginia b. fairbanks art amp nature park

Immerse yourself in inspiring art collections and then unwind amid nature. The museum stimulates the mind while the park offers a serene setting perfect for relaxing and connecting.

Explore the Indianapolis Zoo and Enjoy a Dolphin Show

explore the indianapolis zoo and enjoy a dolphin show

The Indianapolis Zoo offers an enchanting dolphin show that highlights graceful aquatic choreography. It’s a unique experience that combines wildlife education with entertainment, perfect for a memorable date.

Rent Paddle Boats On the Central Canal in White River State Park

rent paddle boats on the central canal in white river state park

Glide along the calm waters of the Central Canal, enjoying serene views of Indianapolis. This activity offers a peaceful escape in the heart of the city, perfect for a leisurely afternoon.

Stroll Through the Historic District of Lockerbie Square

stroll through the historic district of lockerbie square

Discover the charm of cobblestone streets and beautifully preserved Victorian homes in Lockerbie Square. It’s a serene backdrop for a romantic walk that feels like stepping back in time.

Attend a Live Performance At the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

attend a live performance at the indianapolis symphony orchestra

Experience the elegance of classical and modern music as the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra delivers enchanting performances. Perfect for music-loving couples seeking a sophisticated evening out.

Explore the Culinary Scene With a Food Tour of Mass Ave

explore the culinary scene with a food tour of mass ave

Mass Ave is a vibrant hub of diverse eateries, showcasing everything from artisanal bakeries to top-tier sushi bars. A food tour here provides a delicious exploration of flavors, making it a perfect date for food enthusiasts.

Take a Cooking Class Together At a Local Kitchen

take a cooking class together at a local kitchen

Engage in a shared culinary adventure by taking a cooking class, where you can learn new recipes and techniques. It’s a playful way to connect, creating together a meal that you can savor.

Explore the Nightlife and Music Scene in Fountain Square

explore the nightlife and music scene in fountain square

Fountain Square offers an eclectic mix of live music venues ranging from jazz clubs to indie rock bars. This lively district promises a vibrant evening out, filled with good tunes and great company.

Spend an Afternoon At Newfields, a Place for Nature and the Arts

spend an afternoon at newfields a place for nature and the arts

Newfields offers an expansive outdoor space perfect for a leisurely afternoon stroll, where art installations blend seamlessly with natural beauty. Inside, explore diverse art collections that span from ancient to contemporary, enhancing your cultural experience.

Get Competitive With Arcade Games At Tappers Arcade Bar

get competitive with arcade games at tappers arcade bar

Challenge each other in a friendly, retro setting filled with classic arcade games. Tappers Arcade Bar offers a lively atmosphere where you can enjoy craft beers and nostalgic fun.

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